Hardwood Reclaimed Sleepers

Reclaimed Hardwood Sleepers

Hardwood Sleepers are very durable and versatile, their hardwearing nature makes them perfect for landscaping applications. They are untreated and so are deemed safe to use in gardens around children and animals.

Our Hardwood Sleepers are available in a variety of additional lengths.

Our Grading System

Grade A*: (Our top quality reclaimed sleeper): These sleepers are our highest quality and will have square edges and be very clean in appearance.

Grade A: These sleepers are perfect for those looking for a very high quality sleeper, with an added bit of character to them, this is the typical quality you would find in your local Builders Merchant or Garden Centre.

Grade B: These sleepers have added character to them, they will usually feature sight cracks or notches removed from them, as a result of their life.

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