Softwood Reclaimed Sleepers

Reclaimed Softwood Railway Sleepers

Softwood Sleepers are lighter than hardwood sleepers making them a good choice for manoeuvrability. Our standard size Softwood Sleepers are 10″ (250mm) x 5″ (125mm), coming in a variety of lengths, the standard being 8ft 6″ (2600mm).

Softwood Sleepers are creosote treated and so care must be taken when handing, gloves must be worn.

Please note that to reduce delivery costs we can offer our Softwood Sleepers in half lengths (1.2M) and these can be palatalised and delivered at a cost of £80 per 20 Halves. Please contact us to order.

Our Grading System

Grade A*: (Our top quality reclaimed sleeper): These sleepers are our highest quality and will have square edges and be very clean in appearance.

Grade A: These sleepers are perfect for those looking for a very high quality sleeper, with an added bit of character to them.

Grade B: These sleepers have added character to them, they will usually feature sight cracks or notches removed from them, as a result of their life.

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