Grade A* Tropical Hardwood Azobe/Jarrah Railway Sleeper (Creosote Free)

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Grade A* Tropical Hardwood Railway Sleepers

These are our most popular selling sleeper. They are made from Tropical Hardwood, and are extremely hardwearing and do not require treating. They are perfect for use in gardens, as retaining walls and many other applications.

Please note that these sleepers are our highest grade of reclaimed sleeper, but they will still all have their individual character. They are very square and straight edged, and completely structurally sound.


This grade of sleeper is available in a variety of lengths from 2 foot ranging to 22 foot, please see our other items for sale or get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.


Our Grading System 

Grade A* (Our top quality reclaimed sleeper): These sleepers are our highest quality and will have square edges and be very clean in appearance.

Grade A: These sleepers are perfect for those looking for a very high quality sleeper, with an added bit of character to them.

Grade B: These sleepers have added character to them, they will usually feature sight cracks or notches removed from them, as a result of their life.


Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 260 × 30 × 12.5 mm

3 Foot (91cm), 4 Foot (121cm), 5 Foot (152.4cm), 6 Foot (182.8cm), 7 Foot (213cm), 8 Foot (240cm), 9 Foot (274cm)